Electrical and Instrument Technician

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Industrial Electrician & Instrument Technician
Experienced Electrical & Instrumentation Technician needed to diagnose and repair equipment problems, and repair, maintain, and install electrical equipment.
Ability to perform a variety of maintenance, calibration and functional tests on both electromechanical and micro-processor based protective relays for high voltage susbstations.
Experience with troubleshooting and performing root cause analysis.
5-30 Years experience in installing, maintaining, testing and commissioning circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear, protective relays and similar equipment.
Experience with instrumentation controls maintenance including monitoring temperature, flow, level, pressure, voltage, current and vibration.
Familiarity with industrial motor control systems, variable speed motor controllers, and industrial instumentation.
Layout and install wiring, conduit and electrical apparatus.
Diagnose and repair faulty mechanical equipment included but not limited to seals, gaskets and bearings on motors, pumps, and gearboxes.
Perform PLC System troubleshooting for production machinery and equipment and Variable Frequency Drives.
Strong knowledge of electrical power and control and mechanical principals.
Proficient in the use of all electrical measuring instruments.
Excellent Pay, Medical Benefits, Paid Vacation and 401(k)

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